by admin on February 10, 2018

Meet Vinny! He is a 9 month old pit bull mix. Vinny is a class clown and the life of the party. He is currently in foster care with dogs, cats and older kids. Due to his constant no stop play style most dogs find him annoying🤪. He would do best as an only dog or with a tolerant active playmate. Although Vinny doesn’t have a mean bone in his body his exuberant personality is too much for most cats. He super smart and eager to please! He is potty trained, crate trained and loves going on walks. I promise you will never be bored with Vinny around as he will keep you laughing. Vinny prefers to be close to his people at all times. He likes chew toys but stuffies that make noise are his favorite. To adopt Vinny email barkleysforeverfriends@gmail.comD530DFE5-19EE-422E-BE00-6224ADD539AE IMG_1529 (1) E86F8896-E9BA-4B28-B35F-3C00E3EE8D41 FFFC479C-C196-4BB3-A746-74343D7CEE5F 3F706C1B-F247-4DD2-8604-76431A2DEA4F 5649F178-9E52-4442-A5CA-4D0F0B22FEE6 E4B80DED-701A-4BA6-BA50-321A530C92D4 9382C842-F25B-4FD6-9001-7B9797518118

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