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5-11 CooperOur first MADACC foster moved right next door and we even get to Cooper sit.

6-11 Archie – Adopted after only one week with us.





6-11 Daisy-Another of our fosters adopted after only one week in foster care.






7-2-11 Minie is a four month old pit bull who was in foster care with us.  She went to her forever home today.  Good luck Minie!

10-7-11 Minie was returned  due to family issues, we will keep you posted.

10-13-11 Minie has a heart murmur which made her unadoptable so now she is here with us! We adopted her as one of our forever dogs today. How did we get so lucky?



















Panda Adopted 7-5-11

Dixie Adopted 7/2011

Galla Aopted 7/2011

Corey Adopted 7/2011

Braun (Minie’s brother) Adopted 7-16-11

Tigris one of our fosters Adopted 7-24-11

Mylie Adopted 8-14-11

8-14-11 Jose (Now Harley) Tigris’ brother and our foster  was adopted to a family who had recently lost their much loved pitbull

Terra Adopted 8-22-11

10-10-11 Dottie our foster Adopted to a great family in Appleton

10-12-11 King found his forever family

10-10-11 Fritz was adopted!

10-15-11 Congrats to Newman finding his new home.

10-26-11 Gator adopted

11-7-11 Hank was with us for 10 days in foster and was adopted by a neighbor.

11-11 Ella finally found her forever home!

11-13-11 Violet was adopted

11-14-11 AJ has gone home to stay.

11-21-11 Uma will be sharing her forever home with another MADACC alumni

12-4-11 After 3 weeks in foster care with us Calvin was adopted to a great family.

12-10-11 Adopted

12-13-11 Adopted

12-15-11 Adopted

12-18-11 After only a week in foster care with us Chester was adopted to a nice couple and their black lab.  We got to dog sit through the holidays though:)

1-4-12 Oliver was adopted

1-9-12 Jasmine’s foster family decided they could not live without her:)

1-21-12 Rajah was adopted after being in foster care with us for only 19 days

2-11-12 Gary found his forever home

2-11-12 Molly Brown was in foster care with us for 20 days and today found her forever home

2-20-12 Xander adopted

2-19-12 Chika Adopted

2-21-12 Ollie’s foster parents are keeping him

2-22-12 Jackie found her forever home

2-23-12 Adopted:)

2-25-12 Skye adopted

3-9-12Ruthie adopted

3-10-12 Florence was adopted by a great couple after 18 days with us

3-11-12 Martin adopted

3-12-12 Addie adopted

3-13-12 Buster Adopted

3-14-12 Vivi adopted

LuLu adopted 3-20-12

3-29-12 Annie Adopted

3-30-12 Tyra adopted






4-3-12 Faith adopted

4-8-12 Ruby adopted

4-11-12 Maddie was in foster care with us for one month. She is going to her forever home. She will have a baby brother and a 5 year old bulldog named Bob:)

4-12-12 Giselle adopted

4-18-12 Carmen adopted

4-20-12 Layla adopted

4-27-12 Alice Adopted

4-28-12 Deboux adopted

4-28-12 Cali Adopted

4-28-12 Maribel was with us 11 days before getting adopted by a four year old girl and her mom. She will stay with us until she has surgery though.  They needed a dog who was good with cats and that is Maribel.

5-1-12 Calhoun found his forever home

5-6-12 Schuster’s foster family adopted him

5-7-12 Leo’s foster family adopted him

5-8-12 Zoey adopted

5-11-12 Rose Adopted

5-20-12 Lucy adopted by her foster family

5-23-12 Luna adopted


6-2-12 Sadie adopted

 5-29-12 Simon’s foster family adopted him:)

6-17-12 Lucy adopted                                                                                                          6-24-12 Bernie Adopted

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