wisconsin pit bull rescues

There are as many Wisconsin dog rescuers. Wisconsin has both Pit bull rescue specific groups, and some are general dog rescues. Pit bull rescue groups are all different with policies; some rescues house dogs some don’t. Pit bull rescue groups basically help owners find new homes for their dogs, give advice for solving problems, maintain a list of available dogs, and help shelters screen potential adopters. Some rescues can house multiple dogs, in foster homes or kennels until the right owner comes along or until the money runs out. A recurring theme with rescues is their all broke and don’t have enough foster homes and other resources to accommodate a lot of dog therefore are usually very selective
Rescue groups exist to place dogs in good homes, and usually never skimp on temperament evaluation, health issues, or spay/neuter. Some have such strict contracts, fostering and adoption processes that they take only very select dogs into the “rescue” usually only puppies or dogs less than one year.

Dog rescuing has become the vogue among dog lovers. Some Pit bull rescues groups take themselves so seriously that adopting a kid is easier than rescuing a Pit bull. Some Pit bull rescue groups go crazy in establishing guidelines for adoption. Expect to spend several weeks in negotiation with a Pit bull rescue group. Use common sense, do not be turn off by there rules pay extra attention to exercise suggestions and veterinary visits. A lot of time and energy went into getting the dog ready for you.

If you are not familiar with dogs, I would suggest adopting from a breed specific rescue. If you are familiar with dogs and know a little about their behavior go whereever makes you feel good Shelter humane Society Craigslist what ever. Remember Pit bulls most times only get one chance at life are looked at through a microscope so don’t screw it up for the rest of us. If you are thinking of  getting rid of your pit bull. First, work out any problems that are making you consider parting from your dog. Second, try to take the dog back where you got it. Lastly, call a breed specific rescue. If you surrender your dog chances are very good your Pit bull is going to die. Surrender is not in American Pit bulls DNA. If you are willing to work things out trust me, so is your dog. If you buy into the animal rights movement silly you these dogs do not have rights. You have rights, if you surrender your Pit bull and it dies, you killed it.

If you decide you want to adopt through a breed specific rescue group here are the two Wisconsin sites that I am aware of.


Brew City Bullies


Midwest Pit Stop

Disclaimer…. rescueapitbull.com is not affiliated with, not associated with, receives no funding, encouragement, or support from Brew City Bullies or Midwest Pit Stop.

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