backyard breeders

Backyard puppy Pitbull breeders are pet owners who decide to breed their dog. Just because someone has “papers” on their dog does not mean the dog is breeding material, it only means the dog’s parents were registered. It does not mean quality or standards for the breed. In the case with Pit Bulls it is important to remember that having papers does not ensure the temperament of the dog or that the dog’s lines have been monitored.
Backyard breeders tend to breed dogs that do not fit the standards for health and temperament. They generally do not require spay/neuter contracts nor do they supply you with a written guarantee. They do not require that the dog be returned to them in the event of problems or if the adopter can no longer keep the dog. Most do not screen potential buyers, as their only goal is to make some money breeding.
By not requiring spay and neuters it compounds the problems of more and more dogs being produced in an overly populated world already. By continuing irresponsible breeding more dogs end up in rescues, shelters, research labs and used as bait dogs for fighting.
The popularity of Pit Bulls today is killing them. Pit Bull puppies are popular and easy to sell but most homes are not prepared to keep their active dog for life. The breed is being produced by the thousands and there a very few homes that will keep a dog beyond two years of age. The cute pup becomes a mature adult dog that requires more work than the owner planned. It may develop bad manners due to lack of training, it may struggle with potty training or landlords may evict it. One out of every 600 Pit Bulls finds a forever home. That means the other 599 end up in shelters and eventually euthanized. Before that happens though, many of these dogs have reproduced and added to this problem.
Ads are popping up all over and breeders are quick to advertise their new specialty dog. Every day abandoned, lost and unwanted Pit Bulls are dropped off at shelters. Most of these dogs will never find homes. Blue coated Pit Bulls are the current fad. They are not rare, they are being bred like crazy. When you are breeding to get a certain color, good temperament and health are not considered. As a result many Blue Pit Bulls have health problems such as bad skin.
Every person who breeds and sells an intact dog or studs out their male dog is contributing to the epidemic. When you include show kennels, backyard breeders, families who breed their pets and accidental litters it all ads up. It is not just the number of dogs but also the fact that all of these dogs are not breed to produce good genetics, which may mean dogs with undesirable traits that hurt the breed more.

You can make a difference by deciding not to purchase puppies and instead adopt from reputable shelters or rescue groups. Spay and neuter your dogs and never make the decision to bring another animal into your house on a whim. Make a commitment for the life of the dog.

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