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If you plan on rescuing a Pitbull most rescues require that you have a vet. Get a vet just don’t use them for spay and neuter if you can’t afford it. MADCC is about $100-150 cheaper than a private vet surgery. Tell your vet the situation maybe they can help you. The point is to just do it.

Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADCC). Offers low cost spay and neuter programs Female ($75) Male ($60) that’s not including shots rabies ($15) or pet license (fees vary).They make you pay up front and have some other requirements make sure and check them out.

Female Pitbulls – usually come into heat twice a year at approximately 6-month intervals, although this can vary. The cycle lasts typically for two-three weeks, and breeding is best timed midway through the cycle. Female Pitbulls will also have the urge to roam while in heat in search of a male dog.
As they get older, the intact female Pitbull will not go into a menopausal state as in human females, however the secretion of the female hormones does change with age. This change in hormone secretion can lead to an infection in the uterus. Surgical removal of the ovaries and uterus is often times necessary to correct the condition. Left alone, this problem can lead to a serious health condition and death.
An increase in thirst and urination can be the first clues of a uterine infection, with or without a discharge from the vulva. This is considered a medical emergency if the uterus is infected, and medical attention should be sought immediately. Also, if the female Pitbull is spayed before her first heat cycle (which occurs typically between 7-9 months of age), the chances of her developing breast tumors as an older dog is minimized considerably.
In some cases following the spay, the female Pitbull may develop urinary incontinence. Although not common, this can happen when the estrogen hormone is removed from circulation.

Male Pitbulls – will come into puberty around 7-9 months of age, and can then breed successfully. When an intact male Pitbull detects a female in heat, the urge to roam and find her is quite strong. Intact male Pitbulls also tend to be territorial, and will fight other males in their territory. Some of this behavior is personality, and some relates to being intact and exhibiting testosterone related behavior. Therefore, neutering a male Pitbull, does not necessarily remove his aggression, especially if it is already a part of his personality.
As the intact male Pitbull ages, medical problems can arise. Prostate disease, such as infection or tumors can develop. Tumors of the testicles can also develop with age. Associated tumors around the rectal area are testosterone induced, and can occur in the intact male dog. Neutering the dog is necessary to correct these conditions, yet if not detected early enough, some of these conditions may not be correctable.
As always, prevention is the best cure, spaying or neutering will help prevent many diseases and behavior as well as help get the overpopulation of Pitbulls under control.

rescueapitbull.com has the belief all pets should be fixed.

Disclaimer…. rescueapitbull.com is not affiliated with, not associated with, receives no funding, encouragement, or support from (MADACC).


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