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How to surrender a pit bull.
Surrendering your pit bull can be, and usually is a difficult decision. Many people believe they must give up their pit bull because they do not know how to handle a particular issue. Most issues such as housing options, allergies, and behavioral issues can be addressed.

If you’ve decided that you must surrender your dog, you have a few options.

Do it yourself
To maximize your chances at finding a good forever home for your pit bull it takes some work and there are certain steps that should be followed to have the best shot at being successful. Most pit bulls that are surrendered to shelters, humane societies, and domestic animal control centers die. The chances of your pit bull surviving are greatly increased if you rehome it yourself. Determine if you really need to rehome your pit bull. Contact local trainers or breed rescue groups they are very valuable resources. You need to make a plan. Most people do not do this, finding a proper home for your pit bull takes time. Time decides if your pit bull lives or dies. Most people get in a time crunch and feel the only option left is the shelter. If your pit bull is not spayed or neutered get them fixed. If they are not up to date on their shots get them up to date. Try to find out where the pit bull came from chances are good they may take them back. Take an honest assessment of the pit bull. If it has problems do not give them to someone else. Write out a list of the good and the bad behaviors. The most effective way to rehome a pit bull is word of mouth, friends, co-workers or relatives. Take the time to screen potential owners, interview and meet them.
Wisconsin Pit bull Rescues
Breed specific pit bull rescues rehome unwanted dogs. Some rescues are very select and take only low risk cases. Pit bull rescues operate on a network of vets, foster homes, and volunteers. They are usually just as interested politically. The pit bull rescue movement is driven by various motives. Look at the available dogs in the rescue that should give you an idea of who you are dealing with. If the dog you are trying to rehome matches the page you should do alright if it does not you may want to move on. That rescue might be “looks” and “age” driven, minimizing their risk with young cute dogs. Do your rescue research. Better yet make a plan and rehome the dog yourself.

Brew City Bullies

Midwest Pit Stop

Wisconsin Shelters
Wisconsin shelters and humane societies were designed to care for stray and abused animals. They were not meant to be a dumping ground for people who do not want their pets anymore. Shelters take in lots of new animals. Let’s face it there is not enough good homes for all of them. Even the best shelters cannot get more than 50% adoption rates. The youngest, friendliest, cutest and best-behaved dogs have the best chance to be adopted. In reality, if you drop a pit bull off at a shelter it is probably going to die.
By law in Wisconsin, stray pets have to be kept several days for their owners to reclaim them. They cannot be destroyed until that period is up. These laws do not protect dogs that are owner surrenders these pit bulls may be destroyed at any time. Shelters do not want to kill all these pit bulls, but they do not have a choice. There is not space for all of them. Shelters today are so overcrowded that your pit bull could be killed the same day you drop it off.

Wisconsin Humane Society

Happy Endings
Brew City Rescue

The Twig Project

Countryside Humane Society
Orphan Kanines
Tail Wagger 911

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