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How to build dog steps for a bed!


Building your own dog steps for your bed is simple. Your dog steps will cost you less then 20 bucks.
We had to start lifting our 13- year- old dog into bed every night. She would hurt herself getting off the bed in the morning. My wife mentioned that they make dog steps for a bed. The next trip to the pet supply store for food I checked on the dog steps. The dog steps they had for sale were $60 bucks. I didn’t care for the price, with the $40 bag of dog already in my cart add the steps now I’m over a $100 bucks. The more I looked I really didn’t like the design; they were designed for a little fluffy lap dog to go on and off the bed. Our case is a little different we have an unsteady 13-year-old dog. If you have a case like ours and need some dog steps.
Decide the height you need. (Measure from the floor to the landing place, mattress or bed frame) Load your kids into the car and head to the local home improvement store for some supplies. (I used Home Depot they will do the cutting for you.)
Find the stair stringers shelf. If you are going on a bed measure the two- step stringer it should work. Grab two of these.
Now you need to find the 1” stock I used the pine 1” by 6” by 8 ft. I needed the three steps for my bed. The part where the 1” boards get screwed or nailed to is 12” so two 6” boards side by side is perfect. If you get the two-step you might try the 4ft. You need two of the 4ft 1” by 6” for the two-step.
Have an employee cut the boards in half or take them home and do it you. Now you have four -two foot boards and two- stair stringers. Grab some 1 ½ or 1 ¾ screws or nails. Go home and nail the 1” boards on the stringers. You’re done. Fasten them any way you can I used a 2 by 4 nailer on the back of mine because I have a wooden bed frame.
These dog steps have given our dog the freedom to get on and off the bed. She will even head up for a nap. Go for it your dog will be happy.